During your half day Marrakech sightseeing tour, we will explore the main incredible sights and sounds of Marrakech, it’s one of those cities where it’s easy to get lost and hard to break in, so our guided sightseeing tour will allow you to visit the main and major touristic features of Marrakech including the Koutoubia Minaret which was completed under the reign of the Almohad Caliph Yaqub al-Mansur in 1184, the Saadian Tombs, a garden cemetery that houses the marble tombs of Saadian kings and their families. This tombs demonstrates the power and sophistication of the Saadian dynasty. Other places to visit are the Menara and colorful shops of the souks.

3 Days - 2 Nights

3 Days Sahara Desert trip From Marrakech back to Marrakech

3 Days - 2 Nights

3 day tour from Marrakech to Fes via desert

4 Days - 3 Nights

4 Day, 3 nights desert Tour from Marrakech to Merzouga

4 Days - 3 Nights

4 days off the beaten track Sahara desert tour

8 Days - 7 Nights

11 Days - 10 Nights

15 Days - 14 Nights

15 days Authentic Morocco Tour

9 Days - 8 Nights

9 days tour Casablanca to Marrakech